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Best restaurants in Doral, Florida

Sedan Service Miami wants you to delight your palate with exquisite food not only in Miami, but also in surrounding cities like Doral. That’s why we bring you some info about the best restaurants in... more »

Best Restaurants in Delray Beach for this 2016

Delight your palate with the most exquisite and variable gastronomy in one of the Palm Beach County cities named Delray Beach. This coastal city owns some of the best restaurants in Florida and... more »

Restaurants in Boynton Beach for this 2016

Sedan Service Miami wants you to enjoy your palate with exquisite and variable food not only in Miami, but also in the tropical hometown city of Boynton Beach. That’s why you can check the 5 Best ... more »

Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

One of the main reasons why people rent Miami sedan service and visit the city is the exquisite and different gastronomy founded there. As you arrive at the Miami Airport and decide to make a tour a... more »

Sedan Service for the best French restaurants in South Beach

A French restaurantFirst, what is a restaurant? …..What a silly question is it? Everybody knows what a restaurant is; it is a place to eat food, simple. Well, that’s right, however, we are aware t... more »

Peruvian Restaurants in South Beach

Peru is a country located in South America that once was the center of the Spanish Virreynato. For this situation, 3 ways to understand the cook met themselves; the Spanish (conquerors), the Inka (Sou... more »

Japanese restaurants in Orlando

Japan is well known for its high technology devices such as computers or home artifacts. However, a better expression of its culture is their cuisine, which shows many features of Japan such as their ... more »

Best Restaurants in Little Havana

There is a part of Cuba in the USA, in Miami to be precise, and it is called Little Havana, where many immigrants from Cuba escaped from the Castro’s Dictatorship. In this place, they started a ne... more »

Key West: 7 Best Restaurants

Key West is perhaps the most famous key from the Florida Keys. It is not only the most west point from the keys (that’s the reason of its name) but the most visited of all the keys. On the other h... more »

Best french restaurants in Miami

La Gloutonnerie, considered best French Restaurant in South BeachNews from Miami town car service. Someone says that the simple pleasures are the best such as read, sleep… or eat. And they are not m... more »

Car service for Miami restaurants

Car rental for hometown restaurants in MiamiThere are many cultures in Miami, making an interesting market for many businesses, especially the cuisine. And we know that when a business succe... more »

Restaurants in The Hammocks

In TheHammocks you will find the calm you are looking for your family, with simplicity and cordiality that characterize to people in South Florida. Similarly, have a delicious and appealing eve... more »

Restaurants in Iona

Iona invites you to take a look at its restaurants where you will taste the best of Italian, French, or Greece food among others. That represents as a good alternative to spend a good time... more »

Cuban restaurants in Boca Raton

If you're looking for an alternative nightlife experience for spending a great time with your friends, consider visiting the gay clubs in Key West such as Bourbon Street, Duval Street, Bobby’s Mo... more »

Miami Beach Thai restaurants

Are you a Thai food lover? If so, don't miss the chance to visit the most recommended Thai restaurants in Miami Beach. Enjoy the sun, beach, and your favorite sport along with the best most exquisit... more »